Edge Of Goverment



Nohlab was invited to direct and design a unique experience for The Edge of Government Exhibition, at World Government Summit 2019, 10-12 Feb. Starting off with the key concept Powered By You, Nohlab created an immersive audiovisual journey that captivates the visitors. A total of 350 square meters of area was covered by both rendered and real-time generated visuals, with the help of 30 projectors covering the whole floor and ceiling structures as well as walls, to create an immersive environment. A gradually forming energy stream modeled a path for the visitors, carrying them forward into a completely different time and space, while the interactive area on the exit inspired people to engage with what they had only observed before. A real-time fluid simulation flow covered the interactive area when nobody was around, sensors tracked human positions when present, and, a custom code helped generate particles based on people’s positions and movements. This way, all the people became particle emitters, generating a power field that affected both the visual and other people's traces of interaction. People could shape their surroundings with their force and energy fields.


Role: Art Director of the Non-Interactive Area
Studio: Nohlab



Direction & Design: Nohlab

Production Company & Spatial Design: Designlab Experience
Client: Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation
Creative Agency: Conspiracy Sync.

Interaction Area Design: Nohlab & Decol
Interaction System & Creative Coding: Decol
Art Direction for Non-Interactive Area: Nohlab & Ethem Cem
Animation: Ethem Cem
Sound & Music Design: Gökalp Kanatsız
Technical Production: Neumann Mueller 

Video documentation by Emre Boz
Thanks to: Yilling Zhou, Moudhi Al Touq, 3 Monkeys